Doris von Muralt, M.D.

“I am a passionate doctor and I dedicate myself with love and enthusiasm to my patients.”

Dr. von Muralt graduated from medical school in 1981 with the state examination. Then she worked for a year in the Inselspital Bern in the Department of Visceral Surgery before moving to the University Hospital Zurich, where she worked in nuclear medicine and radiotherapy. From 1984 to 1987 she accelerated her gynaecological training, her employers were the University Hospital Zurich and the Hospital Zug. Finally she moved back to the Inselspital Bern and worked in anaesthesiology and intensive care from 1987 to 1988. After two more years in internal medicine at Thun Hospital, she finally opened her own practice in Worb in April 1990.

Dr. von Muralt is a passionate physician, she is committed to her patients with much love and enthusiasm.

Additional qualifications
Practice Laboratory KHM
Expert knowledge of dose-intensive X-ray
Teaching physician at the Berne Institute for Family Medicine (BIHAM)
School doctor of the municipality of Worb

Swiss Medical Association FMH
Medical Society of the Canton of Bern
Berne Institute for Family Medicine (BIHAM)
Doctors’ Network Bern