Mission statement

We work with passion and enthusiasm in family medicine. The patients are the focus of our interest and we are committed to curing their diseases or – where this is not possible – to improving their quality of life. We see ourselves as competent companions for both simple and complicated medical problems and offer comprehensive and high-quality medical care.

We advocate holistic medicine. Because human health is complex and physical, psychological, spiritual and social aspects must be taken into account for a healing process. We are trained in orthodox medicine and work according to its methods, but we consider complementary medical methods important if they contribute to successful healing.

We practise modern medicine at the current state of science, we educate and continuously improve our knowledge and we continuously incorporate new findings into our work.

As a family practice, we take care to maintain a familiar and cheerful atmosphere in our practice. Both towards our patients and within our team, a good and respectful interpersonal relationship and a basis of trust are important to us.