Health means quality of life. We offer you comprehensive, high-quality medical care in all situations and for the whole family. A good, open and confidential relationship with our patients is very important to us.

Our medical expertise is state of the art and we work with the newest guidelines. If necessary, we work together with competent specialist partners from the region who are best suited to your situation in order to guarantee you efficient and best possible health care.

  • General medical care
  • Contact person for all medical problems
  • Support and long-term care for chronic diseases
  • Emergency treatment
  • Vaccination advice, vaccinations
  • Medical travel advice
  • Specialised stop smoking advice
  • Small surgical interventions, wound care
  • Counselling and support for psychosomatic and psychological problems in cooperation with specialised services
  • Accompaniment of dying, accompaniment in palliative situations
  • Dive clarifications
  • Fitness to drive assessments level 1 and 2
  • Children are very welcome in our practice
  • School medical care
  • We offer home visits if required

Our extensive range of services in the field of internal medicine includes

  • Clarification, treatment and regular monitoring of diseases of the internal organs
  • Optimized treatment for complex disease situations with multiple diagnoses
  • Infusion therapies (iron, antibodies and others)
  • Clarification and treatment of gastrointestinal complaints and food intolerances
  • Allergy clarifications and desensitization treatments
  • Clarification of nocturnal breathing disorders and sleep apnoea
  • Search for causes and extended clarification of severe hypertension
  • Specialised clarification and advice for fatigue complaints (chronic exhaustion)
  • Scientifically based advice on tick-borne diseases and Lyme disease symptoms

Regular medical check-ups are important for the prevention and early detection of diseases – for older as well as for young people. Which preventive examinations are recommended for you and how often they are necessary depends on your age, your medical history and medically relevant events in your family. We would be happy to advise you personally in our consultation hours.

Logo Gynäkologie Hausarztpraxis Worb
  • Gynaecological preventive medical checkups
  • Advice on preventive measures
  • Inserting contraceptive rods (implant) and coils
  • Pregnancy care
    The delivery usually takes place at the University Clinic for Gynaecology in Bern.
  • We deal with the treatment of diseases of the locomotor system, i.e. the spine, joints and muscles. Wherever possible, we always focus on non-operative treatments.
  • In selected cases, manual medicine offers the possibility of alleviating such complaints using special techniques and hand movements. These are partly very similar to chiropractic, but have a conventional medical background.
  • In certain situations, telephone consultations with the doctor can be useful. This can save time and be more convenient than going to the doctor’s office.
  • We offer you the possibility of such consultations to supplement sensible medical care.
  • Telephone appointments are particularly suitable for answering short questions and discussing simple matters. It can be decided during the conversation whether a presentation in the practice is still necessary.

Please note:

For a telephone consultation we assume that you are registered and known to us as a patient.

For the initial presentation, an appointment at the practice is usually necessary.

In addition, from a legal point of view, an appointment in the practice is usually also required for the issue of medical certificates.

In order to optimize medical care in the Worb area, we cooperate with trustworthy specialized partners, who offer consultation hours on our premises:

  • Dr. Tanja Hetling is a specialist in orthopedics and sports medicine, she is also team physician of the Swiss Football Association Nati A and U19 women’s football, the Swiss Gymnastics Association’s physician for artistic gymnastics and the team physician SC Langenthal
  • Dr. Gérald Leist, specialist for surgery, he works as an attending physician in the hospitals Burgdorf and Langnau
  • Anna Hirschi, psychiatrist, she also works for the Red Cross in the outpatient clinic for victims of torture and war in Wabern
  • Heidi Schaffer, nutritionist FH with own practice in Oberburg

In order to keep the distances to a minimum, we offer extensive clarifications and therapy options directly in our practice. This we can usually make a diagnosis quickly and initiate suitable therapeutic steps.

We carry out the following examinations and treatments in our practice:

  • Extensive practice laboratory
  • Digital X-ray
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Long-term ECG (in cooperation with Viollier)
  • Oxygen saturation measurements in blood (pulse oximetry and long-term pulse oximetry)
  • Nocturnal polygraphy (breathing disorders during the night)
  • 24-hour blood pressure measurements
  • Pulmonary Function Diagnostics
  • Ankle-Brachial-Index measurements to determine circulatory disorders in the legs
  • Ultrasound therapy for muscle and joint complaints
  • Treatment of skin changes with nitrogen
  • Audiometry (hearing test) and eye test
  • Breath tests to detect food intolerances (lactose, fructose)
  • Allergy tests

In our practice we perform BIA measurements to determine the body components (extracellular mass, muscle and organ cell mass, fat and water). If desired, we will gladly accompany you with consultations and measurements on your way to a sustainable weight reduction. Of course you will receive all Precon dietary products in our practice.

Physio5 offers our, but also external patients with orthopaedic, traumatological or rheumatological complaints individual physiotherapeutic treatments tailored to their needs. Another focus of physiotherapy is the care of competitive and popular athletes after injuries. The practice is located on the 2nd floor.